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Spring, 2019 Issue

Featured Article
Pain Inspires Change

By Gayle Barklie

Gayle Barklie

Living your soul’s purpose means doing exactly what you’re innately called to do — sharing your unique gifts and making an impact of some kind, small or large.
It doesn’t mean ignoring pain, struggle or past trauma. The truth is, those “negative” experiences can actually be motivation to live purposefully. They can teach you invaluable lessons by exposing false programming and subconscious repetitive patterns, and offer opportunities to grow past limitations by reminding you who you’re not.
Our natural inclination is to avoid potential pain, run from situations where we could possibly fail, and protect ourselves from loss. However, from a higher consciousness retrospective view, painful situations were likely our best teachers. Sometimes swift kicks in the butt are the best way to get woke!
Changing means getting out of comfortable-yet-stuck situations — perhaps that dead-end job with a reliable paycheck, or relationships you’ve evolved beyond.
Your higher self knows which gifts you’re here to bring to the world. To bring those forth means taking risks and not running from whatever comes from those choices. It means trusting your soul’s truth — being entirely aligned with your soul and living from that alignment. This might mean changing everything, or just one little thing. Ask yourself: How will I feel in 20 years if I don’t take this leap? How will I feel if I do?
With a clearly visioned soul purpose, things fall into place. Integrating action steps to support results creates empowerment, attracting those excited about your offerings as well as serendipitous and unexpected support.
Plus, your inspired shifts inspires shifts in others.
Regrets over time lost from succumbing to fears, is tough to get over. Get woke to yourself now!


Gayle Barklie, MFC, CHT, created Soul Purpose in 1991 to help clients transform from struggling to inspired, utilizing hypnotherapy, past life regression, life between lives, clinical art therapy, marriage and family counseling, equine assisted therapy. Visit or contact

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