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Summer, 2018 Issue

Featured Article
Soul Food: Nourishing Body, Mind and Spirit

By Sara Schroepfer

Sara SchroepferWe often encounter the phrase ‘body, mind and spirit’ on our journey to greater wellness. While each of these three may offer a specific focus, they are not separate. They are integrated, and each rests within the others like Russian nesting dolls. A single practice or action can nourish our whole being on all three of these planes.

We can nourish our physical body – the densest form of vibration – with food that is high in nutrients and minerals. We know that eating organic, local food is preferable. But what is even more important – actually, an imperative factor in the absorption of the nutrients – is how we eat. Eating on the go, eating while standing, eating in front of a computer or television, or eating at a business meeting, are not ideal. Eating like this causes your body to switch to the sympathetic state, activating the fight-or-flight response. The body stores food as fat because it senses a threat to survival. In this case, the benefits of that nutritious meal are not absorbed efficiently, and you may have just spent a lot of time and money on food from which you are not getting maximum benefit.

One suggestion is to practice mindfulness while eating. Slow down and chew each bite with awareness; and you may find that you easily eat less and benefit more. Also, a yogic digestive breathing practice encourages the body to switch into the parasympathetic state, where digestion and relaxation occur, creating maximum benefit for the body.

We can also nourish the mind and bring it relief from the fast-paced, technology-heavy world that surrounds us, through the practice of mindfulness-based meditation. One suggestion is to either set an alarm on your phone, or write the words “two minutes” on a piece of paper and tape it someplace where you will see it often. At every transition point throughout your day – whether leaving your house or starting your car – take two minutes to stop and focus on your breathing. This can help to reset the mind and bring you back into connection with presence, calm and centeredness. In this busy world it may not be feasible for you to sit on your meditation cushion for one hour every morning, but with this method you will have meditated for one hour if you stop 30 times throughout your day.

Lastly, nourishing our spirit is key, as our spirit is our connector between the physical and energetic worlds. Our chakras connect our soul to our physical body, so it is imperative that we keep this connection in optimal condition by cleansing our energy body when trauma or negative life experiences occur. These incidents leave imprints on our energy field that will continue to attract similar circumstances, until we heal the original wounding. An energy cleansing can help release these imprints, and return us to our natural state and true essence. Incorporating energy healing into our personal care regime is a practical tool that allows us to thrive and be more present in our life.

Merging all three aspects of ourselves through right eating habits, mindfulness-based meditation and energy cleansing, can help create a state of balance for our self, our lives, and all of those we interact with and impact every day. Becoming a part of a wellness community that supports your health and lifestyle goals is also a great form of nourishment!


Sara Schroepfer is a shamanic practitioner and owner, founder and director of 808 Wellness Center, a sanctuary for health and healing. Sara and 808 Wellness Center offer a variety of treatments and products that target natural wellness goals. Visit for more information or call 808.875.HEAL(4325).

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